Truck Driver Interview Questions

Truck driver interviewing

Truck driver interview questions differ from a typical or normal job interview because truck driving involves a lot of personal responsibility. Trucking companies need to hire the best and safest drivers. When interviewing a driver for a position in the company, the questions have to be both comprehensive and personal.

Truck drivers are responsible for millions of dollars in freight in some cases, and they’re also assigned equipment that costs thousands of dollars. Trucking companies have to make sure the person they’re hiring to drive for them is both safe and trustworthy.

Some of the questions a trucker driver may face in an interview would be about: safety, time management, experience, driving record, criminal history, states you’ve driven, and equipment-related questions.

For me, the most important question would be about their driving history. Of course, you will run a DAC driver report, but I want to hear and know from them about their accident history. You can also expect to be asked about how you would handle yourself in hazardous driving situations that can lead to a major crash.

A perfect example would be, what would you do if the load had to be there by noon tomorrow and you’re facing inclement weather and icy highway issues. The correct answer would be to put driver safety and others’ safety first. The freight will never get there on time if you’re stuck in the median or worst.

If there is a risk of hurting yourself or others, it’s okay for the freight to be late. It’s normal during winter months for big trucking companies to have freight and package delays. The USPS, UPS, and even FedEx have delayed deliveries when the weather is bad.

Another concern and set of truck driver interview questions will be around how the driver handles driving long periods of time and what type of habits they have to stay woke and alert. One of the hardest parts of being a long-haul trucker is sitting behind the wheel for hours at a time. The average person would have a hard time sitting behind the wheel for several hours without stopping.

Many truck driving companies want truckers who have logged many miles and know the U.S. highway system like the back of their hand. Experienced truckers can navigate the roads and highways as they get around your city or state.

They know every highway running east, west, north, and south. There is navigational equipment to help out, but it also helps to have a person who knows where they’re going. An experienced trucker knows the U.S. highway system like the back of their hand.

The Qualcomm system gives you step-by-step directions on how to get to the shipper or receiver, but there is nothing like getting load instructions and knowing how to get there with confidence.

Another concern that is usually addressed during the initial driver interview is home time. Trucking companies want to know how often you want to go home and if you’re a trucker who doesn’t mind being on the road for weeks at a time.

Remember, if the wheels ain’t turning, you ain’t making money. Companies can’t afford to have their equipment sitting around. They have to pay for these trucks and there are many expenses that come with that big shiny Peterbilt.

If you’re a safe driver, have a good driving record, no recent felonies or DUI’s – you’ll do fine answering the truck driver interview questions. Good luck with your professional driving career.

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